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Tahmina has a background in journalism and within the creative industries with a BA in English Literature and Publishing Media. She has written and edited across the likes of HuffPost, The Independent, Refinery29, Dazed, I-D, Glamour and also has three essays published in best-selling books. Her newsletter The Aram has been recommended by the likes of Harper's Bazaar, The Sunday Times, The New Arab and Aurelia. Tahmina also works with startup lifestyle brands, consulting on inclusivity, beauty, lifestyle and wellness.

“SO JUST SHOP is an example of how connected we are to everyone around us. Through supporting artisans around the world from vulnerable communities, we help keep traditions and craftsmanship alive as well as working with those who by having a living wage and being able to work in safe conditions, are able to support their communities and pass knowledge and skills on.”

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