About Us

At So Just Shop we believe that everyone should know the story behind the product they buy, who made it, how it was made and where it was made. So Just Shop brings together and supports small, creative, women-led artisan businesses from throughout the world, enabling you to browse and shop for contemporary, high quality and unique products all in one place and to discover the stories behind the women who made the product.

So Just Shop is an online marketplace where women-led artisan groups can sell their products directly to an international audience.  So Just Shop sells jewellery, bags, baby clothes, homeware and gifts, all of high quality modern design with a unique cultural twist. We also tell the stories behind the products, so you can find out who made your product, how it was made and where it was made.

The most important part of So Just Shop is the empowerment of women throughout the world to build a better life for themselves, their family and their community.