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Rolfe&Wills is a Bristol based design and screen printing company. Creative director Alice Rolfe spent 10 years studying Fine Art, Sculpture and Print in London, teaching and exhibiting in and around London and Europe. Making is Alice’s pure love, so leaving the conceptual world behind her; she came back home to Bristol and started her own design company.

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All designs are hand drawn and developed for the screen printing process. Their signature designs are bright and modern with a bit of a twist. “We love to experiment in our purpose built studio, with colour and unusual printing techniques which make our designs fresh and original. Attention to detail is important to us, we embrace the quirks you get when layering colours on fabric, and how a considered design is always a delightful surprise once screen printed.” 

The environment, sustainability and human rights are important to us.  All of our products are hand screen printed by the designer in Bristol UK, with Organic Soil Association Approved inks.  All our products are produced by ethical companies who follow the guidelines below:

No use of child labour  |   No use of forced labour  |  Safe and healthy working conditions  |  Legal labour  contracts  |  Payment of living wage  |  Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining  |  No discrimination against employees  |  No excessive hours of work.

Our laptop sleeves and bags are made by Freeset, an ethical company who employ, train and teach vulnerable woman and children. Once made they they get shipped to me by sea, and I screen print them with my designs with organic water based ink.

Ashoka's Story:

"I make bags. I sew the sides of bags and I also supervise tea breaks. 

Occasionally I go out visiting brothels. I try to explain to girls that standing in line is not the only option - they can get regular wages. They say, "But what can we do?" I tell them, there was a time I also stood on the line.

My life is good, now it is very good. Sometimes I remember I was in the line, but now I'm not and I like that. I come to work with my head held high - with no shame. I've given up the line, I have freedom and peace. I can talk with everyone and tell them that my life is healthy. Now if normal ladies come to visit my area, I can sit down with them and eat with them - I enjoy this. I have found great freedom. I'm able to mix with anyone."


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