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Christmas is a time for joy, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of our planet. Explore the beauty of sustainable gifting this festive season and discover how small choices can make a big difference in creating a meaningful and eco-friendly celebration.

Reduce waste by embracing eco-friendly wrapping ideas. Upcycled Wrapping Paper offers a creative touch while minimising environmental impact. Pair it with Handmade Christmas Cards to add a personal touch to your gift-giving while supporting sustainable paper products working with vulnerable communities.

Make your festivities eco-conscious. Incorporate sustainable decorations like the Tiger Christmas Decoration, crafted from recycled materials.  We have a wide range of decorations made using recycled fabric (including the stuffing), hand embroidered by women-led artisan groups all paid a living wage and working in safe working conditions.

Looking for gifts?  Gift experiences or vouchers to eco-friendly holidays, try searching your local charity shop for gifts, or you can buy products that are made from recycled or upcycled or sustainable materials.  All of our jewellery is made from recycled gold, silver or brass - like our stunning Jaya earring, bracelet and necklace set, made from 100% recycled sterling silver or using sustainable materials like our Handloomed Scarf.

For outfits?  Search pre-loved from Thrift +, Depop or Vinted , so many items that are in great condition and a good place to pick up a Christmas jumper or a bargain sparkly designer outfit.

As we embrace the festive spirit, let's remember all of the people and the planet. By choosing sustainable gifts, eco-friendly wrapping, and mindful celebrations, we create a Christmas that's both joyful and gentle on the environment.

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