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As an ethical and sustainable lifestyle brand, we promise...


To educate, upskill and economically empower women. For example, sending skilled artisans into communities to train groups of women to carry out ancestral techniques, which are then developed into product lines for SO JUST SHOP’s marketplace.

To create a positive impact - Women’s economic empowerment boosts productivity, increases economic diversification and income equality. From the work we have done so far, we have truly inspiring impact stories.

Take Kavita*. At aged 16, Kavita’s mother wanted her to get married to reduce the financial burden on the family. Instead, Kavita persuaded her mother to let her take a seamstress training course and began working with SNEHA, one of the first cooperatives to be backed by SO JUST SHOP. Before moving out of her  home, when she got married 5 months ago, Kavita was the highest earner in her family. Kavita’s access to work has not only increased status in the family, due to her economic input, but it has helped to keep her brother in education, enabling him to work in a higher-paid job and in turn help develop the Indian economy.

To preserve ancient skills and the history of marginalised communities, SO JUST SHOP encourages the use of traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations and that are sold on the international market. This means, these colourful cultures and stories of the artisans and their ancestors can be widely appreciated and kept alive. 


To be transparent, SO JUST SHOP works with honesty and integrity and is willing to provide 100% of the information with no smoke and mirrors. We ensure that everybody is paid a living wage, is of legal working age and has a safe environment for them to carry out their line of work. Supply-chain transparency is so important to us that aside from our main business, we are developing a tool, using block chain technology to provide real-time evidence of all of these claims so that you, our consumers, can see this process for yourself. 

To be sustainable, SO JUST SHOP products are made from recycled or reclaimed materials wherever possible. The up-cycled tyre collection is made at a fair-trade workshop which focuses on offering solutions to the problems of urban waste and urban poverty, as well as education, empowerment and employability for it’s employees. Each morning, the employees collect waste materials that can be recycled and then spend the afternoon processing and redesigning into products that can be re-sold. 


To be accessible and affordable, SO JUST SHOP is a social impact business which means that the profit we make is equal to the impact we create. To maximise our impact, we need to ensure that ethical and sustainable living is affordable and accessible for most. We will never mark-up our products for the sake of extra profit and at least 80% of the money goes back to the artisans we work with. The other 20% is spent on bringing SO JUST SHOP to wherever you are, taking place in pop-up and events, paying the SO JUST SHOP team and the other costs that come with running a start-up.