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Our mission is to raise 400,000 women and their families out of abject poverty while ensuring that ethical and sustainable products are accessible to all.

SO JUST SHOP works closely with small-scale artisan groups to ensure they have the funds, materials and training to produce each collection. SO JUST SHOP will only work with bigger suppliers who are developing educational programmes to extend training for 'male-dominated’ skills, such as silver-smithing and gold-smithing, to be delivered to women — which is how the JUST jewellery collection was born. Our jewellery is handcrafted only by the women on their dedicated training programmes.

In addition to this, SO JUST SHOP strives to work with co-operatives working in marginalised communities; our product range includes accessories and homeware hand-crafted by women in living in extreme poverty, disabled women, ex-sex workers, refugees, women viewed as outcast by society and survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking.

Many of these co-operatives provide the women with literacy and numeracy lessons, creches and education for their children, as well as act as a extended family and legal and safe form of employment that pays these makers a fair living wage.

All products made or sourced for SO JUST SHOP are in-line with our core values which are:

Just Women — Products are made by women-led groups and handcrafted by female artisans

Just Pay — All employees are paid an adequate living wage

Just Working Conditions — A workplace that is free from hazards and maintains working conditions that are safe and healthy for their employees

Just Working Hours — Maximum standard working hours of 48 hours a week/8hrs day

Just Resources — Made from ethical and sustainable materials and promoting recycled and upcycled products

Just Age — All employees are above the legal minimum working age