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SO JUST SHOP started as a route to economically empower women all over the world. With a background in international development, our CEO and Founder, Jennifer Georgeson, witnessed first hand how economic empowerment of women increases health, reduces childhood malnutrition, increasing access to education and wellbeing of entire communities, with up to 90% of all income earned by women universally staying within and supporting their communities.

Launching in 2015, initially with 8 sellers across 4 countries and 2 continents, today SO JUST SHOP has over 50 sellers across 20 countries and 3 continents. By working with women-led artisans and ensuring they are being paid a living wage, giving them access to an international market and international price points for their goods, SO JUST SHOP economically empowers women and consequently raises them, their families and entire communities out of poverty.

SO JUST SHOP is an impact-led business, not a charity. This means that the impact we have on the communities we work within is just as important as the profit we make. Profit is important because it helps us grow the business and reach even more talented artisan groups.