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Our JUST Stoneware Dinnerware collection comes from a special place.

One of the oldest and known pottery-making villages in Nepal, Thimi is home to more than 100 potters, who have dedicated their lives to keeping the art of pottery alive.

This art was traditionally a caste-based occupation done by members of the Newar Kumale caste, with the surname Prajapati.

Set on the core values of improving the lives of others while also maintaining a low-level impact on the environment, Ne Nepal founders, Ishu Dhakras and Tulja Kedia believe in making these ancient skills attractive again by also creating fair living wages.

Advocating for more attention to the heritage and craftsmanship of Nepali culture and its makers, Ne Nepal takes pride in ethically creating beautiful everyday products.

Artisans Welfare ensures skilled training and fair pay policies as a way for these jobs to become respectable careers; ensuring cultural legacies are passed on. 

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