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Mining is a dirty old business and mining of precious metals is possibly the least regulated of all mining practices. Mining gold & silver can pollute land and water with mercury and cyanide, destroys local habitat, causes soil erosion and creates tons of waste. Illegal gold mining is often linked to child and forced labour, unsafe working conditions and displacement of communities.

And the energy use is HUGE. 64.5kg of carbon are needed to make a virgin gold ring - compared to 0.1kg to make the ring out of recycled gold.

At SO JUST SHOP we calculate the impact of everything we do, transparently tracking our social, environmental and energy use. And every year we report this back to everyone who purchased from us, so you can directly see the impact you are having.

Last year, together we saved 18 TONNES OF CARBON through our jewellery sales alone, whilst paying a living wage and supporting vulnerable communities. By buying from us we can all be part of making this world better.

All of our jewellery is sustainably made using 100% recycled materials.

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