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I am delighted to welcome the amazing Rolfe&Wills to our site.  

Rolfe&Wills is a Bristol based surface pattern and screen printing company producing homewares and accessoriesWith a focus on interesting colour combinations, their unique contemporary designs are vibrant, modern and fresh. 


Rolfe&Wills works extensively with Freeset, a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped in Kolkata's sex trade.  

Freeset uses an "upside down" model that turns the normal principles of running a business on their head. Businesses generally choose the best people for a job and pay them the lowest possible wages. Here, women are employed on the basis of their need for freedom, rather than their qualifications - many have had little or no schooling. They are trained and then paid well above the going market rate. The transformation in women's lives is clearly apparent, simply because they've been given a chance.

All designs by Rolfe&Wills are hand drawn and developed for the screen printing process. Their signature designs are bright and modern with a bit of a twist. “We love to experiment in our purpose built studio, with colour and unusual printing techniques which make our designs fresh and original. Attention to detail is important to us, we embrace the quirks you get when layering colours on fabric, and how a considered design is always a delightful surprise once screen printed.” All Rolfe&Wills products are organic and responsibly sourced, and printed with non-toxic, organic inks. The range includes bags, cushions, laptop cases, tea towels and mugs – so there is something for everyone!  Read more about their story here.

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