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The SJS team have been chatting to textile designer, Louise Nutt, about how sustainability, ethical homeware shopping and managing waste within the fashion industry is become increasingly more important.


What do you do and how did you get to do this?

A lot of tears, sleepless nights and endless metres of silk organza studying on Central Saint Martin's MA Fashion course. Then being brave embracing an opportunity that came up in Vancouver as a Textile Designer for a sportswear brand!


How do you use your voice to empower women?

I use my voice to empower by being kind, open and friendly to everyone. It's a scary, mean world, confidence is hard but every woman has something different to offer from the next.  Everyone has a uniqueness that makes them special, it's just about finding that in each other, encouraging and embracing it to create powerful things! Us girls need to be good to each other to make incredible things!!


What is your favourite sustainability tip?

Waste is one of the most important eco issues - working in the textile industry, it's incredible the amount of water wasted and seeing the dyes and toxins that pollute the waters (especially for fast fashion). So my tip would be to shop small, get crafty and resourceful, reuse everything! Tins, jars, boxes can all be repurposed. Always carry a spare canvas tote bag... you could even make your own!!!


What does ethical shopping mean to you?

Ethical shopping for me is about knowing where the product is from, knowing it's story and history. Knowing that it has been created in a way kind to the world and to the people who made it.


Which other sustainable brands do you like?

For shoes it has to be Veja - They are a french brand that make ethically dyed vegan products, using organic cotton and (amazingly) without using any leather at all! …And they are super stylish!


What are you favourite So Just Shop products? 

Having recently moved into a new apartments, I've become obsessed with homeware and generally all things, marble! These are my So Just Shop favourites:

1. Nami Marble Bowl 2. Soapstone Coaster Set 3. Abella Cushion 4. Asteroid Earrings 5. Kanti Flip Candle Holder 6. Sprite Bracelet

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