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What do you do and how did you get to do this? 
I’m joint managing director at Lansons, a reputation management consultancy, specialising in corporate, media and political communications. I love it. I get to work with great people from all walks of life and really fascinating clients with a wide variety of communications challenges or opportunities. I got into it via my degree (communications and business) and a misguided view that it might take me into the business of music, but nearly 20 years later I find myself happily in a more corporate world. That’s down to Lansons, which is a special place to work. The co-founders - Clare Parsons and Tony Langham - set out and have created a genuine meritocracy. I joined nearly 19 years ago and Lansons has never stopped evolving and I’ve never stopped learning. I’ve made friends for life here and the older I get the more I appreciate how fortunate I am to be part of it. 

How do you use your voice to empower others?
I was lucky enough to be bought up by parents, and build a career in a workplace, where it never occurred to me think twice about being a woman. I’ve had the freedom to work hard, progress and be recognised for the quality of the contribution I make - to my clients and my colleagues. I believe one of my responsibilities now is to ensure everyone continues to have the same opportunity and experience I had. And I hope I use my voice to empower and champion talented men and women throughout the business.

What is your favourite tip for sustainability? 
Excessive packaging never ceases to amaze me. So I am drawn to the little things that help reduce my reliance on regular disposables. For example, I love good coffee and my other half recently bought me a brilliant travel flask, it’s an insulated cafetière for one person. It makes great coffee and a big difference to my daily commute every morning. 

What does ethical shopping mean to you? 
In truth, it means So Just Shop. When Jen Georgeson, the founder and CEO, told me her vision for the business, I was completely overwhelmed by the ambition and immediately engaged. The story sells itself. Why wouldn’t I want to shop online for beautiful products - that I’m already buying elsewhere - to support women in vulnerable communities all over the world? Jen is such an impressive social entrepreneur. Committed, driven, but so calm and considered. She has achieved so much in such a short space of time. And more than anything, the products she sources with her team really are just gorgeous. 

What are your favourite things to shop for and why?
My favourite type of shopping is the spontaneous sort. When I’m away for a weekend with girlfriends or seeing family and we’re just browsing. I’m not looking for anything in particular, but then something catches my eye and I can bounce an opinion off a friend or better still, they introduce me to something new. Of course, visiting Jen with friends is the best type of spontaneous shopping - it’s impossible to leave without falling in love with at least three or four pairs of SJS earrings in my case.  Outside of that, I love shopping for my two boys Eddie, 7, and Lewi, 3. It’s lovely to spend time thinking about what they like or enjoy and then seeing their faces when I get it just right. 

Which sustainable brands do you like? 
Good question. Overall, I’m increasingly interested in sustainable investing and how that can help shape our collective futures in a truly significant and impactful way. 

Rebecca Mayo's So Just Shop Edit

1.Zawadi Earrings Aluminum 2.Gold Criss-Cross Cuff 3.Cristina Travel Pouch 4. Mud Pan Salad Bowl 5.Josie Earrings 6.Spike Hoop Earrings Brass

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