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What do you do and how did you get to do this? 
I’m extremely lucky in that what I do is also what I love the most! As a burlesque artist I travel the world performing on a giant 11ft high light up unicorn and rainbow and spend the rest of the time bathing in champagne, in the world’s largest diamond ring! Yes, really! When I’m not on international showgirl escapades, I inspire young women and men to follow their dreams, and advocate female empowerment as the Global Ambassador for my charity, The Sharan Project. I got into Burlesque by teaching myself, from YouTube, in just seven days (it’s a long story!) My first show was to a packed theatre, after secretly sneaking out of my day job at the time in IT and before I knew it, Clark Kent became a Swarovski Superwoman, and the rest - as they say - is history!

How do you use your voice to empower women?
I take my position as someone in the public eye extremely seriously when it comes to being around model for women, especially young girls. I use my art to encourage other women to follow their dreams, and reclaim their sexuality from no one else but themselves. If I can fight against adversity or misconceptions, then so can they. I try to inspire women around me to believe that they too can do whatever their heart desires, irrespective of gender or vocation. When I campaigned to become the first woman in history to perform a full burlesque routine illegally in Singapore, and won despite the odds, I hope that to some degree, this proved that anything is possible.

What is your favourite tip for sustainability? 
I am passionate about reusing and restyling clothing! I adore vintage fashion, and absolutely believe in reusing textiles from the past to create beautiful modern looks with a retro twist.

What does ethical shopping mean to you? 
For me, ethical shopping is about know where you purchases are truly coming from. Be that in fashion or food, I will always choose ethical over anything else. One day - not too far away - I’d like to think that “ethical shopping” will just be known as “shopping”. It’s the way it should, and needs to be.

What are your favourite things to shop for and why?
I’d be lying if I didn’t say that clothing ranked pretty high on my shopping agenda!! I’m a fiend for creating my own eclectic looks. I adore fashion, and at times, anti-fashion. I think it’s really about confidence; a well dressed woman can step out of the door and feel as if she can take on the world - and that’s because she can!

Which other sustainable brands do you like? 
I love supporting Asian sustainable fashion; Pero (by Aneeth Arora) is a great brand I recently discovered. I also enjoy browsing through site like Etsy to discover ethical designers and shops. I feel it’s important to give back to the community from which you came. Never forget your roots!

1. Arrow Textured Ring  2. Fauna Bag  3. Josie Earrings in Ballerina Pink  4.Wayuu Atujahua Bag  5. Solar Loop-through Necklace  6. Striped Pure Wool Scarf with Pom Poms

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