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Fab Himalaya Artisans

 With the belief that everyone should have equal access to education, healthcare, and decent work, Fab Himalaya’s makers influence their communities through the steady income made in safe environments, which is then invested into their children’s education. 

Many of the women are Tibetan refugees that fled Tibet and now live in Manali, India. Spinning and weaving scarves with native designs has been a safety net for these artisans who have faced many obstacles. Without a formal education and literacy, these artisans have mastered hand looming just as their mothers, grandmothers and ancestors once did.

Fab Himalaya, mothers are able to pass on their tradition skills to their daughters, with the hope that this knowledge is expanded and continues to be passed onto future generations; therefore giving women a foundational space for learning and a way to create their own income. 

The wool used by Fab Himalaya is also locally sourced and derived from yak, sheep and goat raised by nomadic herders and shepherds. In a painless process as the animals naturally lose their soft wool for the summer, the loose wool is collected to sell at the market. 

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