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A Beautiful Story works in close collaboration with a small number of producers in developing countries. We strive to achieve a long-term business relationship, and provide support to our producers to help them raise their levels of professionalism.

We currently work with producers in Nepal and India. All the products featured on So Just Shop are made by Beads for Life, Nepal.  

You can view their jewellery here.

Beads for life

The Beads for Life studio is on the second floor of a building in a suburb of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. You can hear sounds of cheerful chatter and laughter of the ladies. They enjoy working there. They take pride in wearing their best clothing and going to work every day. The organization is geared at women in difficult economic situations. Some of these women, for example, have lost their husbands or were born into a poor family. The project allows the women to earn their own money, which in turn allows them, for example, to send their children to school.

Beads for Life also employs a few students, talented girls who earn good results in their education. Of course, these students are over 15 years old and aren’t forced to work. They were unfortunate enough to have been born into a family with several brothers. In Nepal, boys are always the family’s priority, and because girls will eventually be married, families do not invest in the education of their daughters. Beads for Life offers the students a way to earn their own tuition by making beautiful jewelry. They work hard, so they can build a future for themselves.

Beads for Life was founded by Nimdiki Sherpa. Nimdiki comes from a wealthy family and was fortunate enough to receive schooling and develop herself. She saw that not all women in Nepali society were quite as lucky, and she felt a real drive to make a difference. An Australian tourist, whom she met through her husband’s architectural office, taught her a few jewellery-making techniques. She now teaches women these techniques every day, so that the craftsmanship is shared and can grow. She also runs the organisation with great enthusiasm and is turning it into a thriving business.

A Beautiful Story got to know Nimdiki Sherpa in 2007. Back then, Beads for Life consisted of a small workshop where five women occasionally made the odd necklace for tourists. A Beautiful Story sat down with the women to create a number of different designs. The studio has since expanded to employ 25 women, who work hard to produce thousands of pieces every year.

The collection is comprised of several models. Each piece is completely hand made, with love for the craft. Various materials are used such as glass beads and gems. The women use special techniques for stringing beads, they even crochet!

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