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Funky Kalakar is an Indian organisation founded on three basic cornerstones: sustainability, female empowerment and a respect for traditional art. Funky Kalakar’s mission is to showcase ancient Indian craftswomanship in the form of contemporary design by handcrafting natural materials.

Funky Kalakar’s primary motivation serves as a conduit demonstrating traditional skills that would otherwise have been forgotten. The brand strongly believes that these traditional techniques and the artisans creating them have a story worth sharing. The artisans use a vegetable dyeing process called Ajrakh that dates back 4,500 years, as well as an art form that implements the use of natural dyes and pigments to create beautiful geometric patterns, called Madhubani. Keeping to Funky Kalakar’s sustainable roots, they craft many of their products using recycled rubber to minimise the waste of tyres accumulating in Indian landfills.


Using these ancient techniques, Funky Kalakar conceptualises their products with a modern twist reviving the artisanal craftsmanship once used. Working with immensely talented women, Funky Kalakar aims to better the lives of these artisans and their families.
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