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Jennifer Georgeson

CEO and Founder

Jennifer Georgeson has extensive experience in International Development and start-up technology, with in both the not-for-profit and for-profit world.

Throughout her professional experience, time and again Jennifer saw first hand that barriers to maternal and child health and education were linked to economic disempowerment.

“How can you take a child to the clinic for its free vaccinations if you cannot afford the bus fare? How can you send all your children to school if you only have enough money for one school uniform? It is a fact repeated the world over; economic empowerment of women has a direct effect on the education and health of the whole family — women are more likely to invest in their family and local community. Economic empowerment of women saves lives, increases education and improves social indicators of whole communities.”

Against this backdrop, Jennifer founded SO JUST SHOP, with a mission to transform the lives of those in impoverished communities, by training and upskilling family leaders, equipping them with the education and tools to provide for their families. With this empowerment, women are able to drive change in their communities and beyond, to improve their country’s economy. 


Joint Chief Technical Officers

Matt Glubb and Tim Stansbie are So Just Shop's Chief Technical Officers.

Matt Glubb is the Technical Director & Founder at Kite.  Matt is a technical architect and software engineer with over 20 years experience in the industry. He has consulted for a variety of digital agencies and enterprises such as Nestlé, Cantor Fitzgerald, M&S Saatchi and the BBC.  Matt is an expert on application development, cloud infrastructures, continuous deployment and devops.

Tim Stansbie is a Director and Founder at Kite.  Tim is a digital producer with over 19 years experience in web and software development. In his time in the industry, he's designed, managed and consulted on a wide variety of high-profile digital projects for clients such as the NHS, Intel, Cadbury, Royal Mail, Cartoon Network and the BBC.


Judith Blair

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Judith has experience in leading innovative technology start-ups. Over her career Judith has been heavily involved in mergers, acquisitions and associated funding initiatives. Since October 2013, Judith has been running her own consultancy business, working primarily with small to medium sized technology focused businesses.

"So Just Shop brings together two of my greatest passions - empowering women to succeed through their own endeavour and initiative, and harnessing technology to create opportunities which wouldn't have seemed possible before the growth and reach of the internet. Add to this the inspiring stories from the women's groups we work with, the sheer beauty and quality of the products, and SO JUST SHOP is a compelling proposition for me to be part of and help drive to success.”


Aqsa Khan

Co-Founder and Advisor

Aqsa has experience in PR, brand development, events and creative production. She has consulted numerous brands across fashion & lifestyle sectors, with a grounding in finance. Aqsa heads the direct to consumer channel for SO JUST SHOP.

"I love that So Just Shop aims to support and empower women-led artisans to build a better life for themselves and their families, by connecting their skills and local crafts to an international marketplace. I love that each product has a story behind it and when customers purchase something from SO JUST SHOP, they are helping to improve the artisan’s quality of life and in return, they receive a beautiful handcrafted item."