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QÄSA QÄSA is a contemporary homeware shop inspired and made by women artisans from East Africa, offering one of a kind pieces that have been designed to inspire the curious. QÄSA QÄSA has partnered with exceptional artisans, non-governmental organisations and community groups in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Malawi to design and source specialised products that combine traditional skills with modern design.

All of QÄSA QÄSA’s pieces are meticulously handcrafted using local and indigenous materials, taking into account sustainability and ethical production. In many cases, QÄSA QÄSA upcycles materials that would otherwise be wasted. Each item is either designed or hand-picked by the owners themselves, revealing the stories behind the artisan making each product. QÄSA QÄSA celebrates the creativity and talents of the region, showing their contemporary edge to African design.

One of QÄSA QÄSA’s artisan partners, based in the post-conflict tri-border areas of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania, employs more than 300 rural East African women, some of which are refugees that have fled conflict. They weave beautiful tablemats and trays, all ethically made, fair trade and using natural materials.

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