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Just Stories segment of fascinating, inspiring longer article pieces, where we talk to change-makers around us, making a difference, one step at a time.

In this week's edition, we talk to Farrah Shekarchi-Khanghahi, our multi-talented Retail Manager. Born in raised in Leeds, she's a British-Iranian singer-songwriter who moved to London at the age of 18  to pursue music. 

 Who were your biggest influences growing up?

Growing up in the 90s/00s, I used to watch all the music channels, and remember being in total awe of artists like Destiny’s Child, Ciara, Usher, Justin Timberlake - the list goes on! My biggest influence was Christina Aguilera though. The first album I ever owned was ‘Stripped’ and I feel like that has played a huge part in my journey.

Your most memorable live gig?
My debut headline show was in December of 2021. It had always been my goal to put on my own headline show. So selling out my first one was an absolutely surreal feeling. I’d go as far as saying 'it was the best night of my life'.
The music industry can be incredibly testing, but when you’re in a room full of people singing your lyrics back to you, because something you created has resonated with them in some way, it makes it all worth it.
A song that got you through your toughest times?
I’d be lying if I said there was only one song. Anything and everything Motown does the trick.
Your dream collaboration.
I would love to collaborate with Pharrell Williams. I think he is a total genius when it comes to production, lyrics and visuals - not to mention is voice is phenomenal.
Your role at SO JUST SHOP.
I’m the Retail Manager at SJS. I make sure the shop floor is always running smoothly, and look after anything shop floor related, whether that is helping clients, choosing new products to stock in the store or visual merchandising. My top priority is making sure the shop floor staff and clients have the best experience possible in our store and understand why we do what we do.
Has working at SO JUST SHOP changed your perspective of ethical fashion and sustainability. If so, how? 
I’ve found it really inspiring to hear the stories behind each and every product we stock and how they've provided meaningful labour to women across the world whilst also being sustainable - yes, you can do both!
Being in my 20s, I’m constantly bombarded with fast fashion ads online and when the products are so cheap it’s easy to fall for a ‘bargain’. However, working at SJS has made me much more conscious of looking into where something has come from, who it’s been made by and what impact this has had on the planet in the process of being made.
Guilt-free quality over quantity!


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