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This Mother's Day, celebrate the special women in your life with heartfelt gifts that also make a positive impact on the planet. Explore our sustainable Mother's Day gift guide, featuring thoughtfully curated options that reflect love for both Mum and Mother Earth.

Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Guide

8 Most Sustainable Mother's Day Gift Ideas:

  1. Hand Made Card: Search handmade cards on google for some inspiration, simple cut out heart shapes on cards are an easy idea even if you are nervous of your crafting skills.  The time you take to do this and the personalisation will mean so much.
  2. Love Necklace: Delight Mum with our elegant Love Necklace, handcrafted with ethically sourced materials to symbolise your endless affection.
  3. Homemade Meal: BBC Food has some great inspiration for meals you can cook.
  4. Chocolates: Grace Chocolates are an amazing social initiative working in Scotland with women affect by the criminal justice system and their chocolates are fantastic.
  5. Me Time Gift Set: Treat Mum to some well-deserved pampering with our Me Time Gift Set, featuring luxurious, eco-friendly skincare products.
  6. Wonderful Walk: If (and yes this is Spring in the UK) the weather holds, what about planning a wonderful walk?  National Trust is a good resource for local walks near you.
  7. Yak Wool Scarf: Keep Mum cosy and stylish on her walk with our Yak Wool Scarf, sustainably made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.
  8. Blue Basket: Help Mum stay organised and eco-conscious with our Large Special Shopper Blue, crafted from recycled materials for shopping trips or daily use.

This Mother's Day, make it memorable with sustainable gifts that show your love for Mum and the planet. Choose thoughtfully crafted presents that make a difference, and celebrate the special bond you share in an eco-friendly way.

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