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One of the greatest impacts you have have on the world today - on climate change, on maternal and child health, on a country's GDP, on education - economically empower women.

Investing in women yields multiple effects, not only on individual women but also on families, communities and countries. Increasing their economic empowerment improves their children's access to school and healthcare gives women greater control of their reproductive health; improves women's ability to make environmentally friendly choices; boosts women-run businesses and their status within their family and their community.

McKinsey research shows that women in leadership positions out perform companies that don't. In the UK it is estimated that persuading the government to invest in childcare in the UK, so women can afford to go back to work after having children, could add up to £48bn to the economy. This is a global issue with very simple solutions should we choose to make the right investments.

In 2021, SO JUST SHOP provided over 80,000 hours of meaningful labour (living wage in safe working conditions free from child or forced labour) to vulnerable women from around the world. If we want to make the world a better place we need to invest in the 51% of us as much as the 49%.

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