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A&A artisans

Sustainable and ethical production remains the core of what Artisan and Adventures does. Working with 32 artisan groups across Africa, India and jewellery and accessories all designed in the UK, the production for Artisans and Adventures is consciously small. 

All makers under Artisans and Adventures follow the 10 principles of Fair Trade, therefore producing pieces under high social and environmental standards. This is in parallel to Artisans and Adventurers zero waste company philosophy that attempts to use only recycled materials and work with rural communities in order to control the company’s carbon footprint.

Artisans and Adventurers produce all of its jewellery in collaboration with small-scale artisans and craft groups in Kenya that would otherwise not have access to international markets. One such group offers people with physical disabilities the opportunity for better livelihoods through training and employment. Working with natural, locally-sourced materials such as bone, wood and horn – as well as recycled brass and aluminium – Artisans and Adventurers are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their production methods.

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