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From Afar Crafts

For the weavers of Kasigau, basket weaving happens to also be a way to conserve the beautiful, natural nature of Kenya. Home to East and West Tsavo, two of Kenya’s most popular nature reserves,  these greenlands are filled with beautiful baobab trees, countless cows and ten villages dotted around the huge flat-topped Mount Kasigau.

When crops fail to grow or the rain is late, these factors are devastating to these neighbouring communities and families. Many turn to poaching or coal burning as a way to make ends meet yet through weaving baskets, women not only create an income for themselves and their families but they also avert the need to take away from the natural resources. 

From Afar Craft works with multiple groups that range in size and weaving styles. Kissimeni’s baskets for example have bright geometric patterns, with tight weaving and wide and round shapes. Bungule’s baskets in comparison are a thicker weave and often in bold, bright stripes. From Afar Craft keeps these traditional weaving techniques alive while also honouring its legacy by encouraging the next generation of women to equip themselves with these stories, knowledge and skill sets.

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