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Ark of Crafts Artisans

When we think of Turkish design, there is a combination of opulency and workmanship. Whether that’s in a traditional hammam or even the shape of a coffee cup, artisanal techniques are interwoven in Turkish culture and Ark and Craft is the epitome of this. 

Ark of Craft towels are some of our favourites. Towels that become softer after every wash but still keep you warm and dry, Ark of Craft works with co-operatives such as Loomist in order to make sure towels are created with natural fibers and hand loomed across different regions of Turkey. 

Loomist are committed to working with local artisans, women-led businesses, family enterprises, and community cooperatives who produce unique and high-quality products with great care. Loomist provide sustainable incomes for artisans and conduct business following the principles of fair and direct trade.

Similarly, Ark of Craft wishes to celebrate the fruits of Anatolian labour through ethical resourcing and sustainable craftsmanship by sharing pieces that deserve to be enjoyed by the rest of the world.

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