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BaSE Bangladesh Artisans

BaSE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable and underprivileged women in rural areas of Bangladesh. 

Through 17 groups, 10,000 women across 100 local villages are employed to use their traditional crafting skills as BaSE makers specialise in jute macrame, palm leaf basketry and Nakshi embroidery. 

By creating products that are only locally sourced and made out of natural raw materials that are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable, BaSE also supports the local economy through purchasing all the raw materials directly from local farmers. BaSE pays all farmers a  fair price especially as  farmers generally in Bangladesh are not respected for their roles in society.

This empowerment expands to over 10,000 women across 100 local villages. This mission was founded in 1977 by late Italian Xaverian missionary, Fr. Giovanni Abbiati. Also known as Fr. John, the founder wanted to create positive change that didn’t rely on financial dependency. 

As creating handmade gifts through embroidery, weaving and sewing is a common talent and a part of ancient traditions across Bangladesh, BaSE makers fashion everything from home decoration, basketry and boxes to toys with palm/date leaf and jute. With Bangladesh being the second largest producer of this plant in the world. 

BaSE’s mission is to help women empower themselves in safe and clean working conditions with roles that keep Bangladeshi craftsmanship legacies alive. BaSE stands for Bangladesh Shilpo Ekota, which means United Artisans of Bangladesh.

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