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Big Blue Moma Artisans

Weaving is anything but a single story. Described by its founder, Karie Wylie, as a ‘thoughtful and conscious company’ Big Blue Moma works directly with basket weavers in Ghana who hand make baskets for every occasion. Be it for the home, grocery shopping, bicycles or basket bags to casually wear, these baskets range in shape, size and purpose. 

The ‘Bolga’ baskets are unique to the district of Bolgatanga, which is in northern Ghana, on the border of Burkina Faso. Originally, Bolga baskets were made to create an income during the off-farming season but are now a traditional weaving technique that wishes to be passed down.

These basket styles have become trendy in the last decade yet original baskets can be spotted due to quality and construction. The Bolga weavers have formed a coalition to protect this craftsmanship and skill and Big Blue Moma’s supports this by partnering with those based in Ghana that can help protect markers and their livelihoods from knockoffs from other countries. 

Big Blue Moma pays artisans, who are mostly but not all women, a fair market price for their products ensuring a living wage for the weavers' talents and time. The sustaining of Ghaninan weaving traditions is kept alive through these more sustainable sources of economic freedoms and growth.

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