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Green The Map artisans


Green the map is India’s leading eco-friendly online retail space and the fair trade arm of Swechha, a Delhi based social organisation that believes in a better reality and society for everyone.

After filming the documentary ‘Disposable’ about the overflowing landfills of Delhi, Vimlendu Jha, the mind behind Green The Map, wanted to make a difference. Green The Map doesn’t empty landfills; however, the social initiative spotlights the world of rag pickers and waste collectors across Delhi that are usually from marginalised and poverty stricken backgrounds.

Green The Map works with waste collectors and scrap dealers across the city to collect the waste and upcycle it. After being picked from the streets of Govindpuri, Seelampur and Sadar Bazaar in Old Delhi, the waste is transported to the makers to reincarnate any throwaway items into a beautiful piece.

Green The Map’s tyre collection is an example of this. By buying rubber tyre tube material from local scrap markets, the raw material is then washed and sanitised at their workshop in Delhi and then further cut and stitched by hand. The leather is not dyed as it’s not necessary. 

The no-waste company also produce beautiful up-cycled wrapping paper. These block printed pieces would go to waste otherwise and make the perfect accompaniment to a thoughtful gift. 

This process is carried out by hand, by women employed at the workshop. These women are mostly from lower-income groups who may not otherwise find safe employment or an income. 

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