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 Ne Nepal Artisans

Ne Nepal takes pride in the craftsmanship from across the country. Inspired by the ways and traditions of the Himalayas, Nepal works to create a circular economy. By conserving local crafts, Ne Nepal believes in a transparent process where makers are paid fairly and are able to work safely.

The foundation of Ne Nepal is through taking to market what artisans are selling — only in a modern setting. The impact-led company is set on the values to improve the lives of others while also maintaining a low-level impact on the environment.

Founders Ishu Dhakras and Tulja Kedia are aware that hardly any skilled makers are under the age of 30 and therefore care about the preservation of these indigenous skills. The founders believe we have to make these ancient skills attractive again by also creating fair living wages. Artisans Welfare ensures skilled training and fair pay policies as a way for these jobs to become respectable careers; thus ensuring these cultural legacies become passed on. 

From tableware to jewellery and wellness, this design studio listens to artisans who have been creating that distinct product in their family for generations. By advocating for more attention to Nepali culture and its makers, Ne Nepal takes pride in ethically creating beautiful everyday products.

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