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RNS artisans


RNS empowers the most vulnerable and voiceless women in the rural areas of Rajghat, in Tripura, India. Also widely known as ISRI, which means ‘Queen’ in the Kokborok language, RNS was founded by a handful of women in 1979, with the aim of amplifying the rights and voices of women through education and entrepreneurship that maintains the women’s dignity. RNS respects the rights for all individuals to work, regardless of their gender, sexuality and background. 

Todday, RNS has expanded its geographical outreach and works with local women to provide: constructive training that are also in safe working conditions, a legal form of employment that pays them a fair living wage, education in entrepreneurship and the arts to support women’s leadership as well as economic security and sustainable incomes for rural households.

Made in 10 meaningful hours, the makers at RNS create beautiful pieces such as the Palm Shopper. Entwined and woven with fallen date palm leaves, this sustainable process recycles any agricultural waste in order to create beautiful basket bag that has an array of use — be it for store or a friend when errand shopping. The Palm Shopper and the makers at RNS are an example of what you can achieve when something beautiful is created without sacrificing anyone’s safety or human rights.

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