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TARA artisans

 TARA is a social impact organisation that supports the economic growth of disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen of Delhi and its surrounding areas. Founded in the early seventies, TARA (which stands for Trade Alternative Reform Action), practises fairness in production and permits safe working conditions for all makers. There is no child labour at TARA and there is also a commitment to gender equality as all craftsmen are paid a living wage.

The association is active in community grass-roots organisations that fight against exploitation and illiteracy of the producers. TARA believes in respecting and dignifying all makers as well as ensuring social equity and environmental sustainability. TARA follows the Fair Trade Standards (WFTO).

One of TARA’s main legs is the Livelihood Generation Opportunities for Grassroots Artisans. By working with more than 1000 craft artisans' families directly and indirectly, TARA provides sustainable work through its Fair Trade actions. 

As health service is a privilege in India, TARA provides free health insurance to all artisans and has established the Mutual Health Organization (MHO) in the area of Badarpur, Delhi. This equates to more than 900 members within this project provided with beneficial health care. The community members have access to an established dispensary/ health care centre that has a medical doctor and a paramedic amongst its day-to -day support. 

Treating the planet with respect and love  is at the core of TARA, therefore, recycling, tree plantation, water conservation and waste management are all ways the impact-led company cares for its local and neighbouring areas.

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