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What do you do and how did you get to do this?  
In general, I try to support health ministries that serve women and children in low- and middle-income countries. After working for a long time, I have returned to school for a PhD to help improve how we measure the health status of mothers and their newborns. I got into this work 15+ years ago when, without knowing what I was getting into, I followed community health workers in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. I began to understand how families accessed health care and the quality of care they received, particularly when there were no doctors or nurses around. 

Could you tell us a little about the work you did with the Clinton Health Access Initiative? 
At CHAI, I oversaw different projects to strengthen HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs for mothers and young children. Some of these projects focused on mentoring health workers in remote settings to increase their comfort and confidence in delivering care to these vulnerable populations. 
Today is UN day - could you tell us a little about how you and CHAI worked with the UN? 
UN agencies have an important role in providing a blueprint for countries to address some of the most challenging problems in health and beyond. In partnership with ministries of health and other important collaborators, our team would work to adapt these blueprints for the specific context of the country, where the availability of health workers and logistics systems could vary quite a bit.
How do you use your voice to empower others? 
I have to use data a lot to tell stories about what works, how things work, and why things work. It is important to be honest about what does and doesn’t work. Using and applying what I've learned is an important way for me to make positive contributions to those around me.
What is your favourite tip for sustainability?
Repurpose and reuse. When in doubt, my 5 and 7 year olds will find a creative use for things that I never imagined. 
What does ethical shopping mean to you?  
Buying as close as you can from the creator and ensuring the prices are worthy of their labor… and ones they can live on. 
 What are your favourite things to shop for and why?  
I have a weakness for colorful bags, bowls, and baskets of all shapes and sizes. I love to shop for anything that gets me organizing.  
 Which sustainable brands do you like? 
I enjoy going to different markets and buying directly from the creators, especially those using locally-sourced materials.

What are your favourite So Just Shop products? 

1. Black Onyx Beaded Necklace 2. Mushroom Salad Bowl 3. Aba Batik Indigo Scatter Cushion 4. Volar Bag 5. Ugwafu Lustre Tray 6. Zanzibari Pouch

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